Hair How-To – Pia Miller Textured Braid


This is a herringbone (or fishtail) braid that transitions seamlessly into a classic three-strand brand and is secured without elastic.

Step 1 – prep.

Create a second day texture in clean hair by misting sea salt spray all the way through from roots to ends. Then, before the product has dried, flip your head upside down and spray your hair all the way through with dry shampoo. Dry the product with your ghd air hairdryer on low speed and high heat for about a minute.

*note - If your hair is a little oily, start with dry shampoo first before following the steps above.

Step 2 – braid. 

Pull your hair back into the nape of the neck and find a shape that flatters your features by looking in the mirror as you work. Start with a herringbone (or fishtail) braid from the nape to about midway down the braid then transition into a classic three strand braid. For the herringbone braid, split the hair at the back into two even strands. Take a small piece of hair from one strand, cross it over to the other strand and incorporate it. Then take another small piece from the second strand, cross it over into the other side and incorporate it. Keep repeating this process of picking up a small amount of hair, crossing it over to the other side and incorporating it until you’re about halfway down the braid. Hold it all tight, split the two strands into three and braid by crossing the outside piece over into the centre over and over until you reach the end of the braid.

*note – make the braids a little tighter to start with and you can loosen it up once it’s secure.

Step 3 – secure

Secure the ends by spraying a strong hold hairspray onto them and sealing with a ghd platinum styler. Then loosen up the braid, tuck a few loose strands behind your ears and hold with a medium hold humidity resistant hairspray.

*note – to bed the braid in a little before you pull it apart and dishevel it, tap your ghd platinum styler along the length of the braid to set it with heat.