HAIR HOW-TO – Pia Miller Messy Topknot



Step 1 – prep.

Create a second day texture in clean hair by misting a sea salt spray all the way through from roots to ends then, before the product has dried, flip your head upside down and spray your hair all the way through with dry shampoo. Blast dry with your ghd air hairdryer on low speed and high heat for about a minute.

*note - If your hair is a little oily, start with dry shampoo first before following the steps above.

Step 2 – tie, tease and twist. 

Flip your head upside and secure a ponytail just behind the highest point of the head using a good quality cloth covered hair elastic. Lightly tease the ponytail section by section using a pastiche brush or tail comb. Hold the ponytail at around about the midlength with your dominant hand (the right if your right handed, the left if you’re left handed) and twist the entire ponytail so that it folds down onto the head. Wrap the ends around to create a flattering shape and pin into place using bobby pins. Use a few small u-pins to secure the ends into the topknot and finish with a light hold dry finish hairspray.

*note – for extra texture in the topknot use a dry finishing spray or texture spray.

Richard Kavanagh