HAIR HOW-TO – Pia Miller Voluminous Waves


Step 1 – prep and blowdry.

Start with freshly shampooed and conditioned towel dried hair. If your hair is thick and coarse, add a few drops of a lightweight oil to the ends to control frizz, then distribute a generous handful of a moisturising styling mousse before finger drying with your ghd aura hairdryer on high speed and high heat.

*note - If your hair is finer and softer, use a volumising mousse, along with a rootlifting spray for extra texture and hold.

Step 2 – wave. 

Start at the front of your head, using the ghd classic curl tong, take small sections of hair, wrap them around the tong starting from the roots and allowing the hair to twist naturally as you wind all the way to the tips. Allow an inch or two at the ends to remain straight for a more elongated effortless result.

*note – The larger the section the softer the result, the smaller the section the crisper the result. So for thicker hair take finer sections and for finer hair take slightly larger sections.

Step 3 – finish.

Once your hair has cooled, brush through thoroughly with a cushion brush or large paddle brush, flip over to one side and mist all over with a medium hold hairspray.

*note – for extra volume in fine hair sprinkle a little hair powder at the roots, or tease lightly with a large comb before spraying with hairspray.


Richard Kavanagh