HAIR HOW-TO – Pia Miller Perfect Ponytail



Step 1 – prep and blowdry.

Start with shampooed and conditioned, towel dried hair. If your hair is thick and coarse, add a few drops of a high quality hair oil through the midlengths and ends to control volume and frizz, then distribute a generous handful of a moisturising styling mousse and directionally blowdry away from your face and up at the nape of the neck using your ghd aura hairdryer and a good quality cushion or paddle brush.

*note – if your hair is fine use less oil or only put on the ends.

Step 2 – secure and sleek. 

Look in the mirror and try different positions to find the most flattering spot for your ponytail. Once you’ve decided on the position, use a cushion brush and a fine tooth comb to smooth your hair sleek and tight and secure with a good quality hair elastic. Take a drop of oil, rub it between your hands, and smooth over the base to get rid of any flyaways. If you have more stubborn hair, a light hold styling gel is also great to smooth the base and control flyaways.

*note – as a general rule, a high ponytail feels more sporty, while a low ponytail creates a more businesslike and serious look. A ponytail positioned around the occipital (or just above) gives more of a high street vibe.

Step 3 – smooth and wrap –

Work through your ponytail in small sections smoothing it from roots to tips with your ghd platinum styler. When it is sleek and shiny, take a small piece of hair from the ponytail, wrap it around the base and over the elastic to hide the hair tie. Now, rather than securing it with a hair pin, try spraying the wrapped hair with strong-hold hairspray and set it with your ghd air hairdryer on a warm setting. This is more comfortable and secure than having a pin digging into your head!

*note – hold the stronghold hairspray 1cm away to saturate the hair that is covering the hair elastic and to avoid overspray, before setting with the hairdryer.